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Hello! I am Megus — the musician from Russia. I compose various music and I am glad to present it to you, dear visitor. Most of my works are non-commercial, you can download them for free from this website.

I was one of the founders of Brainwave — the demoscene group. Brainwave was multi-platform group but the biggest fame we gained with our ZX-Spectrum works. Brainwave never had a finished website and it's my duty to make all our works available on

Music is my hobby but sometimes I do commercial work like composing music for games or song writing. If you like my works and you need music — feel free to contact me and we can discuss business possibilities.


ICQ: 162548473
Skype: megus_sugem
LiveJournal: LJsugem

Recent blog entries

The first album by Teleidofusion — Around Past

Mar 18th 2010, 06:32

We released our first album — Around Past!

You can download it from Ubiktune.

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New Teleidofusion tracks

Jan 31st 2010, 13:49

Teleidofusion published two new tracks: Summer mood and Autumn is calling. Both tracks are available for free download.

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Lisandra – Hoshi

Jan 21st 2010, 19:08

I’m proud to present the first result of my collaboration with Lisandra — a new song!

Music: Megus. Lyrics and vocals: Lisandra.

Download mp3: Lisandra — Hoshi.

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Happy New Year!

Dec 31st 2009, 10:33



Dec 14th 2009, 19:36

I’m proud to announce the new music project:

Teleidofusion — when vintage 8-bit sounds meet real instruments and synthesizers.

I and C-jeff had this idea for a long time already and now we finally made it real! So here is our first track:

Download “Around Past”

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Dec 13th 2009, 16:32

Two years ago I wrote a music which was meant to become a new song for Jenya but due to some unknown reasons it never happen. The music was inspired by arcade space shooters. Today I found it on my hard drive and decided to release it as an instrumental tune:

Download “Flight across the Universe”

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Ubiktune 011: Autumntunes

Dec 1st 2009, 09:00

New release at Ubiktune net label: Autumntunes.

Autmntunes is a compilation of chiptune music related to autumn. My new track “Five Minutes of Autumn” opens this great compilation.

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GK-3 demo: Autumn is calling

Nov 30th 2009, 16:16

My GK-3 and GI-20 demonstration video: “Autumn is calling”.


New gear: Roland GK-3 and GI-20

Nov 26th 2009, 21:05

Today I received my new Roland GK-3 (divided guitar pickup) and Roland GI-20 (GK-MIDI interface). Now I’m able to play synth sounds on my guitar. I’m going to use it on some live performance soon.

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First shakuhachi recording

Nov 7th 2009, 19:35

In June I’ve bought shakuhachi — Japanese bamboo flute. Though mine is made of plastic.

It’s very difficult to learn to play it without a teacher but I’m doing my best. Here’s my first attempt at recording two Japanese folk pieces — Hinomaru and Oumano Oyako:

Download mp3

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