I’ve created several open-source extensions for Defold. Defold is a free game engine developed by King. It uses Lua for scripting.

whDefRouter — screen manager

Defold doesn’t provide standard functions to implement complex navigation between game screens. The provided examples only show the general idea of switching screens with collection proxies, but a game usually has more than just two screens. So I developed a reusable navigation solution. I took the inspiration from UINavigationContoller in iOS and React/Redux. My library was the first of its kind, but now other solutions also exist.

whDefQuest — a helper library for quest games

A modular helper library for quest games created with Defold game engine. The primary functions it gives are:

  • Inventory management
  • Dialogues with NPC

Everything else can be added with custom modules. The library itself doesn’t use any Defold-specific API, so you can use it with any other game engine.

DefTensor — TensorFlow Lite for Defold

An attempt to implement a Defold Native Extension for TensorFlow Lite. It can be used to run TF models on mobile devices. It’s still WIP; currently, it runs only on macOS.