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  • Creativity through limitation: 8-bit demoscene

    “Creativity through limitation” is an excellent approach to creative work. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed with possibilities and get stuck because of this. It may seem strange at first, but adding constraints and limits can boost your creativity. You can come up with your artificial limitations or use a tool that limits you. It works in any area: music, art, etc. Programming is not an exception. This article is about demoscene on 8-bit computer platforms and the most common trick everybody used to overcome limited graphics possibilities of these platforms.

  • How to become a better programmer

    To become a better programmer, you need to keep doing two things: practice and learn. Yes, it’s that simple and obvious. Finding what to learn may be difficult, and it’s great when there’s someone who can give good advice. I didn’t get much advice myself through my developer career, so I try to be a better leader and guide members of my teams. Here are several common recommendations I give to every junior developer.

  • Switch your brain on and never switch it off!

    I started to learn programming when I was six, and this year I’m celebrating thirty years of my programming experience (for the last sixteen years I’m getting paid for it). I learned a lot, and I believe it’s time to start to share my experience with the world. The first thing I want to share is my motto:

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