Virtual Megus: my experiment with generative music

A year ago, I began working on my biggest pet project — Virtual Megus. What is it and why I’m working on it.

Controlling screen orientation in Flutter apps on a per-screen basis

A solution to a commonly needed feature for mobile apps made with Flutter.

Making of PICOCHAK

“Behind the scenes” of the PICO-8 demo I created for CAFe'2019 demoparty.

Creativity through limitation: Shadertoy

Shadertoy is a place where anyone can share realtime procedural graphics experiments. This article is an introduction to procedural graphics and ray tracing.

Coding problems: why do I like them? Solving Tower of Hanoi puzzle

What benefits can developers get by solving coding problems? An example of solving a classic puzzle – Tower of Hanoi.

Creativity through limitation: PICO-8 — Fantasy Console

When was the last time you coded something just for fun? PICO-8 brings fun back to programming!

Long time, no see

I started my blog exactly a year ago, wrote four posts over three months, and then disappeared. Now I'm back, stay tuned for updates!

Ludum Dare 42 game jam: our experience

How we created “No Space In My Stomach” in just 72 hours.

Creativity through limitation: 8-bit demoscene

Pushing old computers to the limits and beyond.

How to become a better programmer

Four tips for beginner programmers.

Switch your brain on and never switch it off!

Three stories about programmers who forgot to switch on they brain.